Clay Collins Leadpages Things To Know Before You Buy

Clay Collins Leadpages Things To Know Before You Buy

So you find somebody to take that on. Exact same thing with writers, and you have Will (Hoekenga), and Kat. Clay: Yup. Bob: Simply truly worked out well. I ‘d like to alter direction a bit on the backside of things, so in the service operation side you had a choice to make in the software world in 2012-2013 to head out and discover financing, or to bootstrap.

What was the either internal and/or external battle with your co-founders and yourself, where you stated, “You understand bootstrapping is amazing, don’t get us incorrect, however it would be actually great to have a capital raise so we can do some other things. What were some of those things that you weighed back in 2013-2014 as you pursued what ended up being a pretty significant money raise over a couple of rounds? Clay: That’s a truly excellent question.

I think that fundraising is one of those things where it’s simply like any other service offer. I believe a lot of times people talk about them or think of them like all VC raises are the same. I do not believe they are. I believe it’s the CEO’s task to make excellent offers, and don’t do shitty deals.

We raised at Silicon Valley valuations, and we had a three-person board that was myself, and Tracy, and Seth (Levine). “We didn’t desire people’s jobs to be in jeopardy because of one bad month, or one bad quarter.” So, Tracy and I, we controlled our fate, and we quit a percentage of the business that we were fine with, and then we did, we called it a Series A 1 so that our preliminary was five million, and the 2nd round resembled six million.

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We still had not spent any of the cash we raised at that point. And again, the board didn’t alter with that Series A 1, and it was truly great. I think we had a sense of desiring to get one or two business in the future. I likewise think we had a sense that even though whatever was entirely ideal during this preliminary startup stage, that there were going to be bumps along the road.

We didn’t desire people’s jobs to be in jeopardy due to the fact that of one bad month, or one bad quarter. We desired the capability to attempt things, some of which may work, some of which might not. So, it truly wasn’t a struggle. Something I wish to highlight here, as well, is you discussed that as an entrepreneur, with those initial marketing efforts around videos, and webinars, and after that later affiliate marketing and launches with Kat and things like that.

And I think that’s actually the ideal way to go. I believe that it takes a truly experienced executive to find somebody to come into the company when a company has never ever done something before– it does not know what success appears like in an offered location to work with someone who’s going to come in from the outdoors and say, “Hey, produce this internet, new win for us”– when the business has actually never ever won in that way prior to, because specific way, I believe that’s truly difficult to do.

Those individuals are extremely rare, and they’re tough to hire, and many of the time they’re running their own companies. They do exist, but that’s a quite advanced hire. Like, if you have actually never done sales prior to, and if a business has never ever had success with sales associates, and then they hire sales reps.

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That’s just hard, that’s just difficult, and it occurs all the time. Right? Amazon and all these companies wouldn’t exist if it weren’t possible, however it’s tough to do. Bob: You raised some really, really excellent points there. There’s more about the sort of intermediate story that I ‘d love to enter at some time, perhaps in another episode.

Everyone has this vision, I think, of having this terrific success story, and they forget that there might be another chapter afterward, so take us to … I guess it’s been two years now, considering that you stepped down? Or, has it been three? I can’t even tell. Clay: Yes. It seems like two.

Bob: Two feels about right. So, take us to those later days of Leadpages, where you chose you were going to, first off, hand off control to a different CEO, which is a huge leap, and after that for you to just step away and end up being chairman of the board, however then … We’ll talk about launching the next business; but, what was that process like? I think for a lot of individuals listening, who are in that more stage, they may have some sense that their days might be a little bit various in the future.

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Like, I just did not know when we started how huge the company was going to become and how quickly it was going to become that huge. I remember getting the Leadpages domain, and I think … It resembled was for sale, and I resembled, “We’ll simply get the dot internet.

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I used to think of my own growth as a creator and as a CEO in regards to this, I call it the three-part cycle of creator failure, which is you spend about 3 months discovering how to do your job, and after that you spend the next three months being pretty great at that task, and after that you spend the next three months recognizing that the job has actually altered now as the company grows, and as things progress, and that your task resembles completely brand-new.